Alcaçar Imperial dela Fama del Muy Yllustrissimo Señor el Gran Capitan…

AN-7-5ª-10] (2) - Biblioteca General e Histórica de la Universidad (Valencia, Spain)

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“Oh source where born: all sciencia
oh flower of cities: the world crown
oh Córdoba mother...”
Alonso Gómez de Figueroa
The author’s poem of praise to his homeland is meant to set it up as a splendid comparison to any of the grand cities of the known world, which the author supposedly travelled. The codex is a wonderful compendium of texts ranging from travelogues to coronation rules to works of cosmology, philosophy, natural science, politics, history, and even include a carol and the aforementioned poem. It is evident that these texts were inspired by authors from antiquity, the Church Fathers, and the Bible itself. Published on November 17th, 1514 in Córdoba, the text is a combination of prose and poetry arranged in one or two columns. It begins with a prologue encouraging both the interest in and the conquest of the Holy Land. Although addressed to the reader, its implicit target is the papacy and the various crowned heads of Europe, i.e. those with the means to launch a new Crusade. The title page also alludes to this implied audience, as it depicts an allegorical king and queen talking with their companions in the gardens of the Alcázar of Córdoba. Whether or not the author was actually as well-traveled as he claims, he demonstrates a solid understanding of contemporary events, geography, history, and other information related to travel. As such, the work has received special attention from students of travel writing. This fascinating work is a wonderful and diverse source on life in the early-16th century.

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