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Chronicles of Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem

This famous manuscript from the Austrian National Library in Vienna presents a historic chronicle of the crusaders. From the First Crusade and the capture of Jerusalem in 1099 and across the reigns of the following kings of Jerusalem, the history of the crusades was visualized in magnificent miniatures. The landscape format of the manuscript is unusual, and truly accentuates the paintings. The splendid and unusual manuscript originated from a commission of Philipp the Good, Duke of Burgundy ca. 1450 in France. The Master of Girart de Roussillon, along with a scribe from the circle of David Aubert, created a masterpiece of 15th century illumination that continues to amaze beholders to this day!

The crusader host on its splendid ships…a wonderfully atmospheric scene.

Text and miniatures were supplemented with artful initials and filigreed ornamentation in gold.

The unusual landscape format and unpretentious binding lend the magnificent document an exceptional aura.