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Codex Egberti

The Codex Egberti is not only the oldest codex worldwide, which presents the wondrous and painful story of the life and deeds of Christ in pictures. It is simultaneously one of the most exciting and splendid codices that was created during the artistic epoch of Ottonian illumination. The work was created in the scriptorium of the Reichenau monastery between 980 and 993 at the behest of Egbert, Archbishop of Trier. Two monks from Reichenau followed the instructions of the so-called Gregory Master. The unbelievably precious manuscript shows dreamlike spiritual miniatures in high-quality colors and is adorned with rich gold and silver.

The pictures of the Evangelists are presented before a gorgeous ornamental background.

The wonder of the Resurrection in a magnificent, restrained scene.

The portrait of the commissioner embellishes the wonderful binding: Egbert von Trier.