De Prospectiva Pingendi

Ms. Regg. A 41/2 - Biblioteca Panizzi (Reggio Emilia, Italy)

Alternate Titles:

On the Perspective for Painting, De la perspective en peinture, Della prospettiva del dipingere, Über die Perspektive in der Malerei

Facsimile edition
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Alternate Titles

On the Perspective for Painting
De la perspective en peinture
Della prospettiva del dipingere
Über die Perspektive in der Malerei

Extent / Format

/ 30.5 x 22.0 cm

Artist / School

Author: Piero della Francesca


100 drawings

Facsimile editions available


The manuscript: De prospectiva pingendi by Piero della Francesca, a renowned artist born in Sansepolcro, in which the bases of a new Renaissance geometrical perspective are outlined.

In the Treatise, very likely written between 1472 and 1475, a number of perspective reduction problems are proposed, from the simplest ones to the more complex ones, conceived so as to introduce gradually to the new technique, through practical demonstrations. The Artist puts a number of queries and replies with the construction of the perspective by means of geometrical drawings and illustrations.

The precious facsimile, made by Aboca Museum Editions, reproduces the Treatise stored in the Panizzi Library in Reggio Emilia, with all the majesty of the noble binding and of the one-hundred autograph drawings of Piero, elements that undoubtedly give to this work of remarkable historical, artistic and scientific importance an extra value.

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