Leonardo da Vinci - The hundred most beautiful drawings from collections all over the world

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Alternate Titles:

Leonardo da Vinci - I cento disegni più belli dalle raccolte di tutto il mondo, Leonardo da Vinci - Die hundert schönsten Zeichnungen von Sammlungen aus aller Welt

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Alternate Titles

Leonardo da Vinci - I cento disegni più belli dalle raccolte di tutto il mondo
Leonardo da Vinci - Die hundert schönsten Zeichnungen von Sammlungen aus aller Welt

Extent / Format

114 drawings / N/A

Last quarter of the 15th century-beginning of 16th century
Artist / School

Leonardo da Vinci


114 drawings

Short description

100 of the most beautiful drawings by Leonardo da Vinci are assembled here into a unique edition, brought together from important collections across the world. In this way, the draftsmanship of this universal genius of the Italian Renaissance can be studied in all its facets. An outstanding selection of the artist’s overwhelming graphic work!

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Leonardo da Vinci - The Hundred Most Beautiful Drawings from Collections all over the World

Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) is not only considered to be a universal genius, a gifted artist, researcher, and scientist, but also and above all as the great master of draftsmanship. Generations of artists oriented themselves on him – not only for study, but also as autonomous genus – to perfect their drawing. The compendium at hand assembles 100 sheets from the unbelievable bundle of the master from within the great National Edition of the Manuscripts and Drawings of Leonardo da Vinci. A particularly fine selection!

Masterpieces Scattered Across the Entire World

The drawings of Leonardo da Vinci are scattered across the world and are guarded as treasures in collections both great and small. Only rarely does one have the opportunity to wonder at the originals of these fragile masterpieces. It is for this reason that 100 of the most beautiful pages were chosen from numerous significant collections in order to give a wonderful overview of Leonardo’s entire graphic work. The drawings collected here originate inter alia from the collections of the Louvre, the British Musuem, the Gabinetto Disegni e Stampe degli Uffizi in Florence, the Gallerie dell'Accademia in Venice, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Royal Library at Windsor Castle.

Beautiful Madonnas, Anatomical Bodies, and Wide Landscapes

The compendium unites the most beautiful and simultaneously the most famous drawings by the master. A wild battle scene with riders on horseback, fantastically armored warriors, Madonnas, and angels are only a few of the themes represented in the drawings. The famous Vitruvian Man is certainly one of the highlights of the compendium, as is the famous self-portrait of the universal genius from Turin.

The Beauty of Nature in all its Facets

Two primary subjects constitute the text: the landscape and the human figure in full-figure representations or in detailed excerpts. The tender and insightful portraits, the studies of the Madonna Litta and the grandiose landscapes among them, make the selection a favorite almost impossible. The rigorous selection transmits a grandiose overview of Leonardo’s aesthetic visions, his development, and the various stages of his career!

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