The Ziereis Brothers — Your Personal Facsimile Experts

Growing up in the UNESCO World Heritage City of Regensburg, Germany, mediaeval architecture and history were common place. You could say that we were born enthusiastic about art from the Middle Ages. Over 15 years ago, we and our team, applied our expertise and passion for the topic and became facsimile specialists. Today we are among the globe’s leading experts in the field, and are preferred suppliers for universities, libraries and museums around the world.

At our store in the heart of Regensburg, we carry a large stock of our selection. It’s also where you can personally reach us at any time. If you’re ever in Germany, remember to visit us and our charming city!

Christian Ziereis

"In addition to working with precious books every day, I regularly give lectures on book manufacturing in the Middle Ages. What I enjoy most is working with young students. Every book has its own history, but my favorite book is the Book of Kells — the colors, the ornaments, the aura!

As a physicist by training, I’m also passionate about astronomy. Similarly to how I see the past when observing distant celestial bodies, I see the past when leafing through facsimiles.”

Georg Ziereis

“Like my brother, I also regularly give lectures. My favorites are books of hours. The calendars in the mediaeval prayer books are amazingly simple and complicated at the same time — my mathematics degree comes in handy! Another favorite book of mine is the Crusader’s Bible. I’m fascinated by its turbulent history.

In my free time, I like to go climbing in the Alps or cycling. I also enjoy trips to the zoo with my daughters, Laura and Ida, and my wife, Nathalie.”

Where we come from

Germany — Land of Virtues

Punctuality, reliability, quality: These famed German virtues, known and appreciated around the world, may sound a little uptight. But as “typical Germans”, we are very proud of these attributes, which also guarantee that you always get the best products and service when working with us.

Bavaria — Living Culture

We are proud to be from Bavaria, a place rich in much more than just its history. Nowhere else in Germany can you hike in such stunning mountain landscapes or visit such splendid castles. And nowhere else do people celebrate tradition with so much pleasure — with pretzels, beer and traditional attire at the annual Oktoberfest, for example. It’s a place where you’re always warmly welcomed!

Regensburg — Alive With History

Between 500 and 1600, Germany was not just the land of the church and the emperor. It was the land of fortresses, jousting tournaments and minstrels. In the narrow medieval alleyways of Regensburg in Bavaria – a UNESCO World Heritage City and our hometown – you can experience history first hand.

Your benefits

All Facsimiles, All Information!

  • We provide you with all facsimile editions of all publishers worldwide.
  • If an edition is out of print, we can find it for you on the antiquarian market.
  • You can find and order any facsimile edition in our huge database.
  • You have all the information at a glance: title, signature, artist, etc...
  • Each facsimile is perfectly illustrated, so you can see exactly what you are buying.

Fast. Secure. Easy!

  • You can easily search in our huge database by entering titles and terms or by using our filters.
  • Order quickly and easily, we do the rest. Your happiness guaranteed!
  • You can pay by credit card, PayPal, bank transfer or check.
  • Perfect packaging, safe shipping - our personal guarantee.
  • You will receive your facsimile quickly, safely and easily. because we too, love facsimiles.

Best Prices, Personal Service!

  • For years now, we have been a worldwide trusted supplier of facsimile editions.
  • As a major partner of publishers we can negotiate the best conditions for you.
  • We always keep you up to date about new publications.
  • Most of the facsimile editions offered we have in our own stock.
  • You can reach us any time: Just give us a call or visit us in the Old Town of Regensburg.

Special Features For You!

  • We show you what editions are fit into your budget.
  • What do you have, what fits in perfectly? We will help you to complete your collection.
  • Keep track of your favorite facsimiles always at a glance.
  • Our Gift Finder does just that: he finds the perfect gift.
  • Share facsimile editions with friends or post them easily to colleagues.



After almost two decades in the business, we have become one of the largest international facsimile suppliers for institutions, museums and private collectors. We supply all facsimiles from every publisher. Our motto is our claim: Excellent. Worldwide!

How do I order?

Very easily! Click on the REQUEST INFO button, use the contact form or give us a call. Phone from Europe: +49 (0)941.586 123 60 - Phone from USA/Canada: +1 (347) 674-4992 (6am - 2pm EST. Voice mail always available). We will do the rest for you!

How do I pay?

Very conveniently! You pay within 30 days after receiving your edition if you order for a university, a museum or a public institution. As a private collector you get your facsimile immediately after receipt of payment. You can easily pay by credit card, check, bank transfer or PayPal.


Very quickly and safely! We pack very carefully and ship with DHL, FedEx or UPS - quickly and safely – even by using your DHL, fedEx or UPS account, if you want! You will always be kept up to date and of course your shipment is insured.

How much does the shipping cost?

Nothing or very little! Free of charge in Germany and starting from 10 EUR worldwide. We only calculate the actual transport costs - no packaging or organizational costs!

How can I get in touch with you?

We prefer direct personal contact!
Just give us a call. Phone from Europe: +49 (0)941.586 123 60 - Phone from USA/Canada: +1 (347) 674-4992 (6am - 2pm EST. Voice mail always available).
You also can send us a message by using our contact form or directly via e-mail ( Or visit us at our store in the Old Town of Regensburg, Germany - you are always welcome!